Upbeat Celtic Pop This Friday at Meaford Hall

The Searson sisters, Colleen and Erin, have travelled all over the world with their unique blend of Ottawa valley step dancing, Celtic fiddles and original tunes and Meaford is lucky to host them this week at The Opera House.

Searson has toured throughout Canada, the U.S., Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, and Portugal and has headlined one of the largest music festivals in Europe at Festival Ortiguiera, Spain. Excerpts from reviews highlight how they delighted audiences: “We were blown away by their energetic performance” (from Germany); “Thanks so much for kicking off our festival in such spectacular fashion, and providing folks with a reason to dance and celebrate the winter season” (from Prince George B.C.); and “The spectators were carried away by the cool rhythms, the roaring percussion, the funky….electric bass sounds.  Above all, Colleen Searson turned out to be a true devil’s violinist. She played her fiddle so that the bow threatened to glow.” (again from Germany).

It’s clear that their love of the music they perform shines through in their performances.  Colleen plays fiddle and Erin plays piano and tenor guitar.  They both contribute vocals and step dancing.  The band is rounded out with Danno O’Shea  on drums and percussion and Fraser Gauthier on bass and acoustic guitar. Their traditional tunes are balanced by original songs, with which they have filled seven albums to date.

Growing up in the Ottawa Valley, Erin & Colleen began to study music at a very young age, performing locally and competing at Step Dance & Fiddle Contests. Since the age of 4, Erin has been classically trained through the Royal Conservatory of music in piano. Colleen has been studying violin and fiddle methods from all styles around the world since age 9, while both sisters began step dance lessons before the age of 9.

“The most satisfying part of performing live is seeing our fans singing along to songs that we’ve written and requesting fiddle tunes that we wrote.” Erin says, “There’s nothing better than seeing the audience emotionally involved in your live show.”  She adds, “Lots of energy and original songs and fiddle tunes mixed with some great traditional fiddle music as well. People are always jumping out of their seats to dance and experience the joy of music. We love that!”

The show starts at 8 pm on Fri Oct 28, at Meaford Hall.  General admission is $33.

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