Victoria Yeh

Along with promoting local Meaford talent, we would love it if our town became a destination for musicians from out of town, drawn here by the local buzz.  Of course Meaford Hall brings great talent from all over to perform on the world class stage at the Opera House, but we are starting to see other great talents coming to join some of our locals here at smaller venues.

Victoria-Yeh-wedding1-960x360A great example is violinist Victoria Yeh.  She visited The Leeky Canoe one Tuesday night at Chris Scerri’s invitation to join him on stage, and she ended up playing with most of the performers that came up to take a turn on stage.  Her versatility and emotional style won over the audience as well as everyone she jammed with.  She came back to the Leeky on June 4th to join Chris again when he played a Saturday night gig with the incomparable David J. Russell.  And now we can look forward to hearing her again when she returns to Meaford to play at the Market Square on August 12th with the Honeyrunners in a free outdoor concert.

Victoria is a classically trained violinist who is comfortable in any genre, from Yanni to Lady Gaga.  Her band, Violet Fusion, is an “alternative progressive instrumental rock group” led by her electric violin.  She began classical training at age four and started experimenting with alternative forms of music in the mid-90’s when she was in high school.  One of her violins is a Markwood Viper, a 5-string electric.  With music that crosses through the entire spectrum of styles and genres, the most consistent element of her playing, aside

There is a lot of good music happening in Meaford but when Victoria Yeh is added to the mix it is bound to be that much better.

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