“Who She Was” by Greg Smith

Greg Smith at Heartwood Hall

Greg Smith’s approach to songwriting is unique, with a literary slant to it.  He conceives of “song-cycles” in which a series of songs, while standing on their own as compositions, relate to each other to tell a larger story.  He says that when he finishes a song he immediately thinks of what he can come up with as a sequel.  He has created a five-song EP called Iris, just recently released. Iris is the first recording of a song cycle and now he’s working on its sequel, following characters he developed in the first cycle.  “Who She Was” is one of the vignettes from Iris.

When Greg was in GBSS Idol a couple of years ago, music teacher Patrick Delaney introduced him by saying that when he was asked what career he would like to pursue he answered that he wants to be a working musician, specifically a singer-songwriter.  When asked the inevitable question about a back-up plan, he said he didn’t have one.  For years he had been coming up with an answer to that question but he finally realized that he intended to be a musician and that’s that.  That kind of do-or-die attitude is the first step to success.

After GBSS, Greg spent a year in Budapest, Hungary as an exchange student.  His intention was to leave music alone for a year before diving into it full time but fate had other plans.  He made friends with Tim Atkins, lead singer of a Budapest based blues and rock band called The Luckies and soon found himself immersed in the local music scene.  He played a couple of festivals and was soon gigging locally a few times a month.  He met the principals of local indie label, Lone Waltz Records and spent some time recording in their studio.

"Iris" - 5 song EP from Greg Smith

To check out “Iris”, Greg’s EP, click on this image

The experience he gained in Budapest turned him into a more focused and dynamic performer and he returned home ready to get something done.  Before long he was able to work with local songwriter/producer John Brownlow and “Iris” is the result of an afternoon’s work, just recently released and available for sale at his gigs.

While working on his compositions, Greg is also playing when he can here locally, although ironically he finds it more challenging to get gigs than it was in Budapest.  He attributes that to the fact that there are more bands and musicians here competing for slots in fewer venues than in the lively but relatively small music scene that has blossomed in Budapest since the fall of Communism in that country.

This coming Sunday, October 30th, he’ll be opening for Lauren Mann at Heartwood Hall.

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  1. Gillian says:

    That very GBSS Idol happened to be the first one I ever attended. What a great night. “There is no plan B.” What a great attitude.

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