Zoe Young’s “Cold Fish”

Meaford is full of young musical talent, as we saw this summer with all of the great young performers who were part of the Meaford Summer Concert Series at the town square.  Not all of them will go on to become musicians but it is likely that some will.

Here’s a special treat.  Zoe Young has only written one song and she doesn’t spend a lot of time performing but this one song is a great one, summing up in a wry way the attitude that some girls have about boys.  This is an informal video recorded in her sun/music room at home.

Zoe is part of a musical family.  Her mother Diana regularly performs at various open stages and her sister Eden was lead singer of an impressive band called “Cry For Ophelia” that was part of the summer series.

Zoe is taking a year off after graduating from high school.  She’s not sure what the future holds but she is preparing for it by building a “tiny house” in her parents driveway, simultaneously a learning experience and an exercise in independence.  When Zoe leaves home she will be taking her own home with her.

Enjoy this beguiling ditty, “Cold Fish”

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